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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anniversary: Engaged.

So next on my list to document is our engagement story. Two weeks before Jer proposed we got into our first fight. I think it freaked him out because he had already planned, bought & paid for a little trip to get engaged. So he felt like he needed to make sure I was ready for what he was gonna ask. So he blew the surprise and told me I needed to figure out if I wanted to get engaged. Even though we had of course talked about marriage & all that, it finally hit me that this was the real deal. I was super nervous because who is ever really ready to say "sure I guess I will be with you for eternity." It's a HUGE decision & I wanted to get a little perspective on what I was committing to. So I went home & prayed & thought about marrying Jer more than I probably have about anything in my life. After about 3 days I just had a calm peace knowing that was my answer. (not to get all churchy on you.) Naturally I didn't let Jeremy in on my how I felt. I know it's kind of mean but I wanted him to sweat a little about not being sure what I would say. He hadn't told me where we were going on a trip, but he is not all that hard to figure out sometimes.. 
My dad dropped me off at the airport where I met Jeremy & headed to New York! I had never been & was so excited. We were only there fri-sun so it was a quick trip.
When we first got there we just went around site seeing & shopping.
That evening we dined in the village at a restaurant called the place. I had some suspicions since he was carrying his lap top case around but soon forgot them as we headed back to our hotel after dinner. That is where he got down on one knee and proposed :) I was so shocked because it was the first night & we were just in the hotel room. I specifically remember I was putting on my shoes. I can't remember what he said or I. He decided to do it in our room because he knew I would have been embarrassed if we were in public. Which is very true, I get awkward in weird social situations. So then came another surprise that actually made me cry..(Which hardly ever happened before I started taking birth control..wa wa)
He invited my mom!!!! She would be arriving the next morning. He knew I loved to watch the show "Say yes to the dress!" And the store Kleinfelds is located in New York. So he flew my mom out so she & I could go dress shopping the next day. I was so thrilled at his thoughtfulness. **more on my experience at kleinfeld tomorrow.
That day we went to the wax museum. I guess it's not a main attraction but we loved it.

It's so hard to know which one is not in N'sync..
My mom's best attempt of a kissey face with jessica simpson.
That night Jer had also got us tickets to WICKED! It was so amazing & my mom's favorite part.
Such a fun night.
The next day we did a bunch of sight seeing & attempted to row the boats in central park but the line was forever long!!

Riding on the subways was so scary! I have never been a fan of public transportation..
And there you have it, our LOVE story :) Jeremy seriously did the best job. I loved our engagement, he really had it all planned out. He probably hasn't done anything that romantic since, he started off too high :)
After that it was on to the wedding planning & prep.

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  1. What a cute story! You guys look so happy together. I'll be checking back for the rest of your anniversary countdown :)