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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nick the Egg

Playing crack the egg at my parents house. Pretty sure Nick is the most talented egg I have ever seen!
I want to print these all out & make a flip book. Thanks Erin for knowing how to use our camera better than I do.

My baby Diesel is sick today :( He doesn't want to play or even eat! (which is concerning since he lives for food) He just wants to be cuddled. I am hoping it's just a cold since we went swimming in the ocean last night, & his fur is so thick it takes forever to dry.
Wish he could tell me what was wrong...
Poor little buddy. 

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  1. LOVING this post! Those pictures are AWESOME! I seriously used to LOVE that game...totally forgot about it! And meeting at the "D" was AWESOME!!!!! Love you guys...my cheeks always hurt from laughing so hard when we leave! Can't wait to see you 2 in October :) Chesire cat and Alice baby ;) xoxo