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Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have been really into colored font lately if you can't tell.
But this one matches the clouds so well :)
Last night the clouds looked like cotton candy.
I just wanted to reach up, grab it, and put it in my mouth.
Sunsets are the best over the ocean because the color reflects off the clouds to the water, basically trapping the light in.

 Diesel is still sick but getting better. Jeremy is also sick now though :( He is really boring when he is sick. I know because I put on this outfit which usually would have gotten a reaction out of him, & he didn't even notice.
 He also didn't care that our grass is nearly all the way grown in!
 I don't like my boys sick. It just is too quiet, and makes me feel bored & lonely..
So I played on photobooth to try and entertain myself.
 It didn't last very long..
Well I hope you are having a more exciting day than me. I think I might just cuddle up in bed with Diesel & read an entire book in one sitting. 
And eat some goldfish. 

1 comment:

  1. Those pictures are awesome! And Diesel looks so stinkin cute with his pink tongue!
    And I love your house decor. Although I can kinda just see it in the background. It looks like a cute place.