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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Highlights

Seems like everyone got just what they wanted this Christmas!
Jeremy got the ipad he had begged for.
 We surprised my mom with eyelash growing mascara & my dad with the new iphone 4.
 Truman got this huge green dump truck!
 How cute are Truman & Teddy's matching jammies?
 Jeremy sent me on the impossible mission for me to find Truman a construction costume. My hard work payed off because not only did he love it, he looked incredibly adorable with it on as well!
Chris & Amy really surprised us with a Michael Jackson vegas show next year!!! I seriously can't wait!
I also got a nice new camera from Jeremy that I am stoked to use! We are so blessed we got to come spend Christmas home with our families who are far too generous to us!
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas too!

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  1. yay for a happy christmas! it appears santa and co. were very good to you :)
    i am sooo sad i missed the girls night... matter of fact i was thinking of you all as it was going on. and can you embroider me shirt? seriously so cute! and i just love how crafty you have become. so not the cassie i knew :)
    and last of all


    you will be the cutest mom and it is built in entertainment.

    love you!