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Monday, January 3, 2011

Michael Jackson: The Experience

Jeremy got me Michael Jackson: The Experience for my birthday, & I seriously love it! I told my mom how great it was so she got it for my younger sister Prezley. We played it a couple times while we were home for Christmas. It was always entertaining, funny & just plain awesome! I would highly recommend it!
This video below is of my mom & dad's first turn. So funny. I love my mom's high pitch laugh & how spastic she is, also my dad is just the best sport. He will really do anything you ask him to! I just love hanging out with my family & MJ :)

Well as you have noticed there is no video here :(
I have been trying to upload it for the last 3 days & it keeps loading but never finishes. If i figure it out I will post it, but for now you will have to just imagine how awesome funny it was!

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