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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Follow your instincts.

This Monday & Tuesday I went with Jer up Ensenada for a work/golf trip.
I strictly told him I was not coming when he told me about it! I just KNEW I wouldn't have fun, & wanted to stay in the comfort of my own home. He begged me, gave me puppy dog eyes & said how much he wanted me to be there with him. (I think he just knew he would feel guilty having me home alone on my birthday.) So finally I gave in thinking hey it might not be THAT bad. Well it was THAT bad. All dumb things but I just hated every minute & everything went wrong that could. I will not get into details but it lead to tears, silence treatments, & angry words to Jer. (sorry buddy but you asked for it.) Anyways point of the story is I should have followed my instincts & stayed home. I often do this where I have a feeling about something, but ignore it in hopes for a different outcome. Rest assured I am determined to stop doing this & just go with my gut because there is almost always a reason for that feeling. So I am only documenting this to remind myself not to do it anymore!
Diesel was as happy as can be though.
I leave to the states tomorrow to fly out Saturday morning & could not be more excited to see my family & meet little Hawkes!!


  1. That's no good, especially for your Birthday. You'll find you do a lot of things you really don't want to do for your husband and someday children. As a wife and mother I am constantly trying to please my family and sacrificing my wants/needs. Sometimes it's worth it, other times not so much. Hope your trip home makes up for it.

    Happy Be-lated Birthday!!! (I still remember the year we celebrated in Park City with all the girls- so fun!)

  2. Diesel makes my heart happy... So does the thought of you coming home soon! Can't wait to squeeze the little nugget and hang out with you!