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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cruise: Princess Cay & Cruise overview

Our last stop off the boat was Princess Cay which is a small private island owned by Princess Cruise lines. It was basically just a beach day. All the boys played volleyball which was really fun to watch. 
I finally wore my new swimsuit. (Which was my 3rd choice by the way.. long story)
*Love this picture!
It was just nice to all be together in one place & just goof off & relax.
Cruise Overview:
We had such a fun time! (besides the 1/2 a day I was sick :() The weather was great & the company even better. We missed some of the family that couldn't be there of course though. I will never forget these special experiences with my grandparents. They truly bring our family together. I hope I can save my money like them so I can spoil my kids & grandkids. So glad for all the free food, sun & activities. Hope to go on another cruise soon!

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  1. This looks so fun! I think dolphins are the cutest things in the ocean, I am so jealous of your excursion!