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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cruise: Cozumel

When I first heard we were stopping in Cozumel I must admit I was not pumped to be stopping in Mexico. I have to admit though it was one of my favorite days off the ship. Originally there had been plans of going to ruins but unfortunately they were sold out. So by luck we ended up swimming with dolphins which I loved! They really are so cute :)
I love how smart & nice they are. Look how they always look like they are smiling in the picture above. It was so fun to watch them do their tricks & get to feel and play with them.
The above 2 pictures are of the dolphin encounter area. SO pretty, especially for mexico ;)
After the dolphins we decided to go to a beach where we saw an advertisement for these huge blow up toys. The did NOT disappoint. It was so fun to jump & play on these floats.
The iceberg is huge, it hurt my butt sliding off that thing.
We spent most our time trying to conquer the moonwalk.. Nick is the only one who made it the whole way successfully.
Trying to launch Jaxon.
Attack of baby Atlas!
It was a nice day laying in the hammocks, eating yummy chips with salsa, & drinking pina colada's.
That night we played a game/scavenger hunt. The teams were Jer & Me with Tanner against Nick, Erin & Parker. The goal was to get as many pictures of them with cute girls as we could. Parker ended up winning but only because they used so many employees.
Some were cute, some not so much.. but all in all it was hilarious & entertaining.

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