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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls

Monday the 20th was a girls fest! I had lunch with some of my favorite farmington ladies Bri, Brooke & Randi. We had such a fun time at good old Tasty's. I love all the chaos with all of their cute kiddos :)
That night I got together with a bunch of girls I cheered with at the U the Jazz, or worked with at Ruby. I like to call them my college crowd. We met me at mikado's for a lovely dinner. It's so fun to catch up on what's going on in everyones life & also laughing about the good old times. I love these girlies, aren't they cute?
Whitney, Morgan & Tori
April, Mandy & Mindi
Brit, Mallory, Jodie & Myself
I hope we stay in touch & the ladies nights keep on coming!

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