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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cruise: Traveling & Such

So as I mentioned my extended family went on a cruise to the Caribbean over Thanksgiving. It was awesome! Everything was so fun! Except maybe traveling to & from miami..
There are not a lot of flight options from here to there. We all had to fly red eyes.. I can't sleep sitting up so it was a rough trip there. Plus I was sitting in the middle seat not even by Jer :(
The weather was really perfect the whole time. A couple showers here & there but nothing too bad. Some of the nights they had lobster claws at the buffet. That was definitely a highlight. We ate soo much. Seriously we were never hungry but we ate without question.
Sunday we were on the boat all day & we spent most of it laying out & watching football games. They had a huge screen outside which was a new feature that was the best idea ever.
That night was formal night. My grandma told me I had on the prettiest dress she had ever seen :) It was so fun to have married cousins our age to hang out with.
My dad & Jer were hooked at the hip whenever we were on the boat. Watching football games or gambling. They had there own code language that meant ditch the girls & meet in the casino.. Naughty naughty! Lucky for us they both made a lot of money gambling, but seriously they thought it was Vegas or something for how many times I found them in the casino.
How cute is Atlas all dressed up?? So fun to have him there though he wouldn't ever let me hold him.
He even liked Jer better than me. He would always get confused with his hair situation though.
That night we went to a music show. It was cheesy but entertaining. The dude pulled my cute aunt Deb on stage. Later that night we watched Despicable me on the big screen, it is such a cute movie.
The whole crew. Minus a couple that couldn't make it :(


  1. HOW FUN!!!! I love Family Vacations...so glad you had such a great time! And I am laughing at your previous post...that just seems like something I would do...haha! Let's get together FOR SURE when you come...

  2. Looks so fun! And your dress is darling!