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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kendar & Hawkes

After shopping on Tuesday I had the pleasure of picking Kendall up at the airport. WHen people heard they wanted to join me. (That's how popular Kendall is!) Anyways Bryce & Jared decided we should make his arrival more exciting by adding a super old limo, snowsuits & personalized sign. Kendall's mother cannot pronounce his name correctly, instead of Kendall she calls him Kendar, ha so funny!
 After we picked up our beloved Kendar we went over to visit baby Hawkes & his parents!
 All the boys acted nervous to hold him, but loved him once they did!
 Hawkes's sleep deprived but still surprisingly attractive parents :) Seriously though you cannot tell Meghan just birthed a child!
 Jared put the pen there to give you a little perspective on how tiny Hawkes is.
I was kind of joking when I suggested the boys lay like Hawkes for a picture, but no one even hesitated so here we have a collage of Hawkes & his honorary copycats.
Man he is just too cute. It was so sweet to see all the grown men swoon over him :)

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  1. So cute! Where is the one of my and Hawkes though? lol I want it!