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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A very merry un-birthday to me!

So this last weekend we headed up to California to celebrate my "fake" birthday. My real birthday is not till this monday, but we are stuck down here in San Felipe for Jer's work parties so I didn't wanna let mexico ruin my big day. December birthdays suck already because they are so close to Christmas. I always hated it as a kid because I couldn't celebrate at school because we were off for xmas break, couldn't have a swim party due to the weather, & always felt like my mom was just pulling gifts out of my Christmas pile..
We got up there Friday night. Saturday Rachelle & I made the rounds to target, micheals & trader joes! That evening we went to my favorite restaurant ever The Melting Pot. It is like the best buffet ever. Seriously it is so delicious. I choose to go there also because Jer & I have had some very romantic/sentimental dates there  :)
 Cute candles on chocolate cover strawberries. Yum!
That night we went & saw Harry Potter. It wasn't as awesome as I had imagined but I know the last movie will make up for it!
 Yes you may have noticed my cute husband has a new addition to his face!
The next morning & afternoon we just relaxed & watched football. Blah
We ate dinner at Cafe Rio, yum! Then Amy & I ran over to anthro to get these shoes I had been obsessing over. When we got back Truman helped me open gifts. You can see he decorated the one from his family :)
I got a much needed new blow dryer from Chris & Amy. It takes me forever long to blow dry my long hair, so this better blow dryer will really save me some time!
Jeremy gave me some grey motorcycle boots that will be great for weather in Utah, & the new Michael Jackson Wii game. (The card attached read: "I love you as much as you love Michael.") Very fitting. I really do love & miss him, so I am so pumped to get to dance with my MJ. Last but not least Jer decided he would give me a snow globe each year. Last year I got a cute santa one that also plays music, this year he gave me an empty one, that I can stick whatever I want in it! Maybe a ceramic Diesel?
 Cute Teddy wearing the hoodsie I got him :) He really is the sweetest baby.
 We got cupcakes & they sang me happy birthday of course.
 (love Truman's face in this picture)
 It was a great night. I forgot to make a wish though dang it!
Monday we headed to Disneyland the only place where a very merry unbirthday is recognized :) It may become a tradition since we also went last year for my birthday!
 It really is such a happy place. We went on it's a small world & the haunted mansion because they get Christmas makeovers in December. We also went to a 3D show called "Captain EO", in place of "honey I shrunk the kids". It is the BEST show ever starring the one & only MICHAEL JACKSON!! It was the greatest thing, he sings & dances & I loved every minute of it.
Teddy's first Disneyland visit.. was a great success.
 even if he slept through most of it. :)
Disney & Christmas are such a good mix!
Jer and his favorite disney character :)
It was the best "fake" birthday ever! :) I am so thankful for Jeremy, Chris & Amy, and Wes & Rachelle for playing along with my unbirthday. I really really enjoyed it as much as a real birthday I think.


  1. Oh my gosh, I forgot any comment I was going to make because I am laughing so hard at "Jer and his favorite disney character :)"!! Are you kidding me!?!? And you even put a smiley face. Classic!!

  2. I love that he wrote I love you as much as you love Michael! ha ha That is cleaver! I heard that game is cool!

  3. ps you look like a natural holding that little baby in his pack! =)

  4. Seriously... I am still laughing SOOOOOOO hard! When I got that text from you and Jer on Monday I almost fell off the couch I was laughing so hard! CLASSIC!!! That is EXACTLY what I pictured when he made is...."comment".... in California! SO AWESOME! Anywho...Happy Un-Birthday!!!