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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

On drugs.. haha
(all pictures taken with iphone hipstamatic app)
It's so exciting to put up all the Christmas decorations, even though I still want tons more!!
Here is a little sneak into our home this xmas.
I especially love this last one! You can actually SEE the Christmas SPIRIT here. All decorations from my dear mother, target or walmart. As they are the only thing I really have close access to here in MX.
I did make it to the craft store to stock up on some xmas must have's for DIY.
Will post pictures as soon as I am done.
Even Diesel is feeling festive! So should have used this as our Christmas card!
Which reminds me.. If you would like one I need your address?
Only if you are going to send me one though! :)
1228 Carston Court
Farmington UT, 84025.
Well back I better get back to making my xmas wreath so it gets done in time!

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