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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sedona AZ

On Sunday we were to spend the day in Sedona. Another small town. Although much nicer than the first two, it was very crowded & touristy. 

We debated between horse back riding & a helicopter ride until we finally chose to ride horses & then go to dinner in a town called Jerome at the Asylum. Which was actually an old mental hospital or something. Unfortunately though after lunch I started to feel very sick. I'm sure it was a mixture of all the crappy food, time in the car, & of course the carnival. I was so bummed cause this would have been such a fun day. We ended up just heading back to Phoenix & checking into our hotel early. I was glad when we got there because it was beautiful & full of normal people, shops, & food. That night we were supposed to have a nice dinner in town but Jeremy wasn't feeling well. So we stayed at the hotel & ended up watching Eclipse. It ended up being a nice relaxing night:) Jacob & Edward will do that for you.
 The next day was heaven as Rachelle & I went to the spa to relax & get massages while the boys golfed. again. After our massage Rachelle & I had a nice lunch and a little shopping until the boys cut us short. We were supposed to stay a little longer but I think Jer was over AZ & just wanted to get on the road. (yes we drove) Which sucks since we have finished watching LOST.
It was so fun being able to hang out with our buddies even though AZ was a bust for me.
View from the hotel window.
As I told Jer on the way home, it's true:
"I'd rather be dead in California, than alive in Arizona." haha
I know Az is not that bad & has some really cool spots. I would love to hit up havasupi if we ever visit again.
For now I am truly happy to be home cuddleing with Diesel :)


  1. I LOVE Sedona! I wish I was there right now.

  2. What a fun weekend getaway...well minus not feeling good and all. We need to do a vacation together again soon! Can't wait to hang in a couple of weeks :)