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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween fever!

Halloween has taken over my mind, it is all I can think about! Now that Jer & I finally agreed on a costume (so frustrating) I can blog about the runner ups for all of you who may need an idea.
How cute is this dinosaur costume from Urban Outfitters? So sweet yet comfy. I still kind of want to buy it to wear to bed or something..
I have always wanted to dress up as MJ because I love him so much. I was so sad when he died, because then everybody wanted to dress up as him when I had already planned on it. ( and because he was no longer alive of course!) I tried to get Jer to do MJ with me this year but he wouldn't. :( R.I.P Michael.
I mean come on, how funny would it be to do jersey shore??! I could totally do the snooki poof! I though for sure Jer would be in on this one.. He loves these retards, but no he thought the costumes were too dumb.
Jer turned down all my ideas-
creepy clowns
Vanilla Ice (love that he is on the diy network)
lady gaga
several other good ideas
All he said to me is that he wanted to be "ugly". Seriously Jer, that's not a costume, who wants to dress up as a hideous person? I don't mean bloody or gruesome because I would be cool with that, but NO he just wants to look ugly.. What is wrong with this kid?! Fortunately I finally came up with a way he could look ugly that also coordinated with me as a couple costume. Shesh he can be so difficult sometimes!

In other news I am really excited to make some spooky things.
I love these monster cupcakes.

I LOVE this cake! It is so easy but perfect for halloween. I bet my little brother Jacko will make this with me.
I also think the mummy cake is the best! It is simple & sleek which I like better anyways.
I swear at some point I will make these cute pumpkins which would be perfect for halloween & thanksgiving!

Last but not least...Love twilight?? How awesome are these team Edward & Jacob prints my sister in law Erin did for a halloween/monster art show? I totally want to decorate my house every October with these!! They are currently at the Blonde Grizzly in SLC.


  1. Snooki would be so funny! But I think you are too cute to be that nasty chick! I read your stupid Mexico post! You are so entertaining! I love it! However I hope you get out soon =(