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Monday, October 18, 2010

Potter's take over Vegas!

This last weekend Jeremy & I were lucky enough to join my family in Vegas! (minus Nick,Erin,Atlas,Tanner & Diesel :() 
We had a wonderful time staying in a suite at the redrock hotel/casino. It honestly was so nice, clean & cool. It wasn't on the strip which was actually really nice. It had a seriously awesome pool, movie theater, & bowling alley all in our hotel! Here are some pics from the trip.
 Prezley's 16th birthday!
 The infamous white jeep that we trailered down. (Story of how that went in previous post)
 Handing over the keys. I absolutely love this jeep. I have had it since my junior year of high school. I am glad it is staying in the family, because I have a lot of good memories this car.
 My breakfast at the buffet! That's the best part about Vegas I think, is the buffets.
 Jeremy had ice cream.
 Team 1
 Team 2
 We bowled during the day which was fun! I scored my highest ever with a 138! (proof above)
 We DID NOT eat at the stripper bar! I was scared to even get close in case she wasn't wearing underwear.
 The girls
 The whole crew.
 We shopped, ate & walked around Vegas until my feet were so sore. Jeremy & my dad stayed up late both gambling. Naughty boys.
 Jax at the pool.
 The pool was really awesome. One of the best I have ever seen. It wasn't super warm, but nice to just relax & play spoon.
How freaking cute is preggo meggo? I love her belly!
 There was a catwalk under water so Prez & I did some poses to entertain ourselves :)

 The view of the pool from our window.
Even though it was hell getting to Vegas, once we got there everything was great. I hope we do another trip soon!

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