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Monday, October 25, 2010

baby clothes & baby movies

Saturday afternoon we got together at Nick & Erin's and crafted some baby clothes for Atlas & Hawkes.
Jaxon & Atlas matching outfits :)
 Here is some of our work!
 Erin's. (eyes not on yet.) Yes we realize hers were way better then ours.
 Ta da!
That night to keep the baby thing going some of us went to this movie.
I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. It was just whatever.


  1. Cute shirts! Those tie shirts are so fun and easy to make. I think I am done sewing for a bit, I am way tired out between getting the kids costumes finished and finishing Sami quilt. I can't believe how much you get to visit home, I think I might have envy :) You look great!

  2. Cass those are SO fun! I love all the crafts you're doing. The little owl onezie down below at Meg's shower is awesome! How long are you in town for?

  3. So cute! I love those tie onesies! I loved Life As We Know it! And PLEASE say you watched Ellen today?!

  4. Those onesies are too cute. I can't believe how crafty you all are. You're going to know all the fun things to do when you have your own little one. :)