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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Colors

I arrived in Utah on Friday & the first thing I noticed were the beautiful fall colors. I miss it so much!
I took these pictures at Jaxon's soccer game in Bountiful. How gorgeous is the temple against the mountains?
Cute Atlas in his blanket cape.
After his soccer game, Nick, Erin & I went to a cute Indian restaurant. It was a first for me & I really liked it!
 After dinner we headed to my parent's ward talent show. Jaxon did the rubik's cube for his talent. It was pretty intense with the whole ward counting. It only took him 130 seconds!
 My dad promised us his group was doing something great.. We were pretty sure we would feel embarrassed about what he was going to do, but it was actually pretty funny!
 They did synchronized swimming! (My dad is the one mostly in the middle with the dark blue cap on.) They had mattresses on the floor & were doing funny dives onto them. The kids especially loved it.

So glad to be home.

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