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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fun

I finally caught the fall bug!!! It was cold & windy today in San Felipe and it made me feel that magical excitement of fall. Even though there are no leaves or really cold weather I can still drink hot chocolate, cuddle up & watch a movie. I love fall fashion the most! Here are a few items I think that are perfect for chilly weather:
 This frilly thing from Ruche.
 I think these ugly/awesome mountain boots & pleated jacket from Anthro are just perfect! 
(Probably not together though.)
I love plaid for fall & this dress from modcloth could be quite adorable with tights & boots.
 I'm not even sure if I am serious about this.. I would never dare to get it for sure. Although, this fake fur coat from Urban could be pretty sweet with black skinny jeans & pumps. Then again maybe not... It could be my inner child wanting to play dress up, but I kind of love the mental image I have in my head with this coat on.

Other things I am stoked for this Fall:
*A quick trip to Arizona with the Perry's.
*Meeting my whole family in Vegas. Dope!
*Baby shower(s) for Meg :)
*An agreement to go to a haunted house. Yay! (I love them)
*Getting some much needed family photo's with my talented cousin Kelli.
*Halloween party with Jeremy's girlfriends. We have the best costumes! ;)
*Shrimp festival here in San Felipe.
*A cruise to the Caribbean over Thanksgiving!!!! Wahoo!
(Courtesy of my lovely grandparents Tacy & Oral. They are the greatest!)

I am so glad we have so much going on this fall, because it gets especially lonely here in Mexico around the holidays. I hope you are enjoying/looking forward to Fall as much as I am!! 


  1. Crap, we don't even have costumes yet...
    And I just might have that Anthro jacket...

  2. Of course you have that jacket :) I'm sure we will even show up with the same costume on, it will be awesome!

  3. I love fall. By this time I'm ready for a weather change. The best is my two favorite holidays come. You sound like you're already booked and have so many fun things to go to......enjoy!