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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Movies!

Last night as I was switching through the channels I was ecstatic when I saw ghostbusters 2 was on & had just started! Jeremy was not as pumped saying ghostbusters 1 was better. (Who cares what he thinks, he fell asleep half way thru anyways.)
I love coming across these childhood favorites. Some are not as good as I remembered, but this one was just as awesome as I had thought it would be! :) It really put me in the mood for other childhood favorites that could be halloween oriented. Here is my list:
Watcher in the woods: It is by disney which is a little strange to me, but it is a perfect little creepy movie.
Return to OZ: I'm sure you all have seen the wizard of oz but if you have not seen the 2nd you are in for a treat. It doesn't totally make sense because Dorthy is somehow younger & the characters are all a little different but I love it anyways. The wheelers & the queen with lot's of heads is super spooky!
Poltergeist: When I was young I really enjoyed scary movies. I may have watched this movie along with the 2nd & 3rd poltergeist a million times. No joke I have probably seen this movie more than any other movie I have ever watched. It actually is pretty evil scary, but it never seemed bothered me when I was young. 
The legend of sleepy hollow & Ichabad crane: This is actually just a short story by disney in The adventures of Ichabad Crane & Mr. Toad. Although this is the only part of it I remember. It's short, spooky, & sweet.
Hocus Pocus: This one has the perfect halloween feel to it. Perfect mix of fun with a little scary. I used to always want to be Sarah Jessica Parker because she was the prettiest witch. (I wasn't concerned she was also the dumbest, at the time) I for sure want to watch this one before Halloween.
The nightmare before christmas: I don't know if this counts as a "childhood" movie because I remember being a little older... but since it is animated I think it works. I love the songs in this & the feeling of it being ok to embrace a little bit of your dark side :)
Little Monsters: Proof that there really is something under your bed. I always loved this one a lot! I actually just recently introduced it to Jaxon although he said it was kind of scary & had bad dreams after.. Oopps. Sorry kiddo.
 Casper: I loved watching this one around halloween. I always had the hots for Casper when he finally turned into his human form.

Gremlins: This one is courteous of Nick I believe. Anyways it is another one I have seen so much I know everything that happens. I'm pretty sure my mom even bought us the stuffed animals. It is for sure a classic & great for a child's imagination.

Come to think of it going through these movies almost all of my favorite childhood movies could fit under the "halloween category" Since they all have monsters, creatures of some form or another, nightmares, and make believe dress up characters in them. Including the dark crystal, labyrinth, willow, little nemo, roger rabbit, the never ending story, witches, the list could go on & on.
Now I really wanna purchase all these movies to have in my collection. (I'm big on wanting to own everything I had as a kid so I won't forget it.)
I just love all the memories & magical feelings I had as a kid, there really is nothing better than the excitement you felt. I miss being a kid that's for sure!
Hope you have fun halloween memories & traditions! I would love to hear them if you are in the sharing mood!?


  1. I love this post! I remember so many sleepovers where you would put on Poltergeist and I would try and fall asleep as soon as possible because it would scare the crap out of me. I tried to play it cool, but man, I was not down with the creepiness of that movie :)

    I have one memory in particular of being on the big sectional in your house trying to fall asleep while that movie was on and Pugsley was snoring next to me. So funny...

  2. ohmygoodness. Poltergeist scares me so much....just freaks me out but I love watching it! I was the same- I watched it a ton when I was younger and it didn't bother me, but now....its freaky.
    We watched The Shining last night. I love scary movies!

  3. Oh I hate scary movies! This post makes me have the heebie geebies and I didn't even watch one minute of any of these movies! lol Can't wait to see you soon!

  4. I totally had the hots for Casper as a human too! And Jer is right, Ghostbusters 1 is way better. We can watch it when you come to Utah soon

  5. Blair: I am so sorry I traumatized you at sleepovers. That is hilarious you remember all that. Ya & if you are not used to pugs, the snoring can be a little difficult..
    Lar Nar: I have never seen the shining, thanks for the suggestion.
    Jodie: You are a baby!! Let's go watch thriller though!
    Erin: Let's please watch ghostbusters 1 when I am there, I can't even remember what happens. Also lets bake & craft while we are watching??