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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reviews & such

It's crazy that after living in San Felipe MX for over a year now, today is the first day that I have left the house and drove somewhere by myself. (not including Jeremy's office up the road!)
It is weird the things we take for granted, like feeling the safety & comfort to drive places near to you by yourself. I am proud I made it out today!
Random note: I have been mesmerized by clouds lately. Not sure why.
Clouds via weheartit

I recently just finished this book my sister in law Amy lent me, & really enjoyed it. It wasn't a page turner because it was a bunch of short stories & events, but it was super interesting to read. It is a true story based on the recollections of a girl who's parents were educated & capable but chose to be homeless & travel without a care. Really make's you glad your parent's are normal.
While in Vegas we saw the social network. I thought it was pretty cool to see behind the scenes how the idea came about. The story about how facebook is really interesting to me because it is something I use on a daily basis. I thought it was funny but a little show at times. Justin Timberlake is an awesome bad guy. Makes me wish I could come up with the next online trend! :)

Only 2 more days till I am in Utah! Wahoooo!

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