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Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank you mexico!!

Mexico has done it again.
Just when I thought I couldn't hate it more than I already do.
It goes and does something like this.
I hate you Mexico.
Here is the story of why:
So my younger sister Prezley was turning 16 and REALLY wanted a car. I had the white jeep down with me in Mexico but never used it because A) there is no where for me to go. B) We always go in the truck everywhere. And C) The jeep is old & the battery dies if we don't use it on a constant basis. So we decided it would be better used by Prezley since I don't think my jeep liked living in Mexico anyways. So my family was heading down to Vegas Thursday & I was bummed Jer & I couldn't head down till Friday afternoon, because Jer had promotional meetings.
We left our house at 5 to head to Mexicali.
5 am in the morning.
Meaning not even close enough to 8 hours of sleep.
I followed Jer in the jeep for the 2 hour drive to Mexicali.
After an hour driving around with him to radio stations we went back & parked at the TOURISM OFFICE. (where they promote tourism in mexico.)
I pulled my purse & lap top out & went to take a nap in Jer's truck nearly 20 ft away. Mind you where I parked my jeep was in broad daylight, next to all the employee cars, on a main street.

Here's where it happened.

We go over to my jeep so I can cross the border when we notice that my door was unlocked.
Weird we thought.
I look in the back & see that all our bags are still sitting there. (thank heavens because all my new favorite clothes were packed.)
My ipod is still sitting on the middle console.

Just as I am putting in the key to get the car started 
I see something..
and my stomach drops..
The deck has been ripped out.
(I have never had anything stolen from me before)
 And all that is left is wires hanging out.
I feel a rush of panic, anger, fear.

Jeremy being the positive person that he is points out that at least they didn't steal my ipod and all our clothes.
This does not make me feel any better.
I paid for that stereo myself. With my own money.
How could someone do that I thought? I know it is just a stereo that didn't cost me more then $120, but I just felt so violated.

So we headed to cross the border & I was feeling very anxious at this point.
Jer called & asked how I was doing as he had already crossed the border & I was not moving and had forever to go.
Me: "Im so freaking mad! Here I am at the tourism office, promoting your stupid country (mexico) and you do this to me. You break into my car & steal my radio!"
You really did it this time mexico.
I hate you so bad.
It doesn't end here.
The air in the jeep doesn't work that well especially if you are not moving sitting on burning hot asphalt.
I am in line for over an hour.
I am sweating like a dog. 
Really I was soaked.
I was really nervous about crossing by myself.
I had an hour to think about how mad I was about my stereo & living in San Felipe.
It was so awful & when I got to the border I didn't catch a break.
The guy questioned me to death. Who's car was I driving? My family is from Utah? But I'm taking the car to Vegas? Why was I driving alone without my husband?
So they sent me to secondary revision (this is where they send suspected drug traffickers & illegals aliens.) because they thought I was suspicious. After a 1/2 hour of being drilled on everything they finally let me leave right after he told me how dangerous San Felipe is & how he didn't know why I would want to live there.
Thanks buddy. As if I am the one who wants to live here. Mind you own business jerk.
So by the time I had crossed the border & got in the car with Jer I couldn't help it... I broke down, crying.
Jer: "Cass what's wrong?"
Me: "Nothing, I just want to eat my subway sandwich & cry!"
After not much pause..
Jer: " Come on Cass, just tell me what's wrong."
Me: Still crying & taking a bite of my sandwich, "nothing just don't talk to me."
Jer doesn't know how to give people their space.
So after he keeps bugging me I tell him the whole story. Tell him how mad I am, how hot & soaking wet I am, how tired I am, & how much I ABSOLUTELY HATE mexico.
He chuckled & said maybe it was good for me.
Excuse me??!! That's the sympathy I get? You are sitting on your high horse in your air conditioned car passing down life lessons to me?
I don't think so.
Me: "I blame Mexico for this, & I hate it!"
Jer: "Oh stop, don't blame Mexico."
Me: "Fine, I blame you, & I hate you."
I truly didn't mean it, & was just being dramatic. I would say joking even.
Jer was not happy about my comment & said something mean back to me.
This made me cry even harder because I didn't want to make him mad & knew I had hurt his feelings.
We quickly made up & were even laughing about it a while later. So don't worry about our relationship.
You should however know that me & Mexico do not have a good relationship. 
I have tried to be positive but I don't care.
Mexico, this is Cassie Potter Kemp speaking. 
I despise your stinking guts!
I can't wait for the day that I am nowhere near you.
Until then.. PLEASE leave me alone!!!!


  1. Cassie, I'm sorry. I also wish you didn't live in Mexico :(

  2. HOLA ;) Cass that is such a bummer...but I have to chuckle a little that everytime you type Mexico you put a line through it...You really do HATE Mexico :) Jeremy needs to get his butt in gear and move you guys back to Utah to hang with us :) Can't wait to see you soon!!!

  3. Thanks Erin, glad you agree with me.

    Randi you are smart catching on to my slash. I am going to do it every time I type out MX! See you this Friday!