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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Payson AZ

Saturday morning we headed up to a small town called Payson. The boys golfed at a really nice course called the Rim. Rachelle & I just drove around & got a mani/pedi. Our guy told us strange stories about the town. The golf course/club was really was breathtaking. It was up in the mountains & full of tree's. That being said, the town of Payson is a POS if you know what I mean. Seriously so gross & dull. Plus I have never been a big country fan & it seemed like all the people there loved shooting things & drinking. Not my style. The boys wanted to move here after playing the course & seeing the secluded properties, us girls wanted to kill ourselves! Ok Rachelle is not that dramatic.. so just me.
Finally after going on the longest sales tour of the course & property we headed into & even more trashy random town. Can't even remember the name of it besides we stayed at montezuma's castle. Yes it is as random ghetto as it sounds. Motel style. Rachelle & I perked up a little because we saw a carnival on our way in & knew that would make for a fun night. We ate dinner at a hole in the wall BBQ place that Jeremy & I would defiantly regret later..

 Yes those are weapons/tools on the wall. Very authentic.
So we headed to the carnival with high hopes of yummy treats & fun rides.

 Jer & Rachelle got funnel cakes. I avoided them for good reason.

 They had it all: cotton candy, corn dogs, popcorn, & carmeled apples. Wes & I decided to go with all the children down a slide while Jeremy & Rachelle chose to go on a bigger ride. It reminded me to much of my last carnival experience in San Felipe.

Sure enough Jeremy ran straight to the bathroom after this ride. Though Rachelle just giggled the whole time. She was actually the only one with a strong enough stomach to want to go on the rides. So before we left we hit up the classic ferris wheel. I had high hopes for a cute photo of Jer & I...

But of course..
& nope. Jeremy makes picture taking so difficult.
 Jer & Wes tried so hard to win this game, but it just didn't happen.
He did however win me this creepy old man. My choice. It was really gross used. It now lays to rest in the garbage because Diesel really didn't like him. (He urinated on him right in front of me!) Super funny.

So in theory carnivals are sweet and all, but they really can do a lot of damage to a person.. You will see what I mean in my next post. That night we stopped by the casino & got some shakes. Jeremy also let me keep his winnings of $50.00. Yay!

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  1. Nothing can beat the Maui County fair... Remember that ride that we couldn't stop laughing on and we kept taking a million pictures on? So much fun!