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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Personalized Canvas

I saw this cute personalized canvas decoration on pinterest..
It cost $195 euro's.. not worth it! So I got together with some friends and we made our own!!
Here is my version..
 It was fairly simple to make, though it took more time than I had expected. 
Supplies needed: square canvas, wooden letters, & paint. I found all of my supplies at good old Micheals. The cost for everything was only about $15 bucks!
 I would recommend painting your canvas and wooden letters BEFORE you glue them on. I learned the hard way that it was very difficult to paint the sides of the letters & in the small crevices with a tiny paint brush. Also I would suggest using something other than hot glue. It didn't hold the letters as well as I had hoped..
 Just to add a little twist & make it different from the original, I added a pop of color by painting the heart red & loved how it turned out :)
I decided to personalize my canvas by using lyrics (which is also the title) of what Jeremy & I consider to be "our song". It is by Band of Horses. If you have never heard it you should definitely download it, because it is simple lovely! :)
Love craft day's! So nice to be in Utah where all the supplies are so accessible.

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  1. Cass this is so awesome! Good job, I love it!! DIY are the best...