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Monday, July 4, 2011

Paris, France Day 3

We had a long list of things to do Saturday since it was our last day in Paris! Unfortunately a fire at the subway cost us a lot of time. We waited for a while because we couldn't understand what they were saying over the speaker in french. Apparently there had been a fire in the tunnel we would use to get to the Palace of Versailles so we had to find another route. It was our lucky day because a local who worked at a restaurant in Versailles decided to adopt us & took us the whole way there! We were so thankful because we would have been lost without him! He was so cool, and reaffirmed to us that French people are too nice! Just bummed that the fire caused us to lose so much time.
It was so cool to see all the gold everywhere when we arrived at the Palace of Versailles.
Inside it was super crowded & claustrophobic, so we cruised through as fast as possible.
We took Jeremy's dad & advice & rented golf carts which were an awesome & quick way to see everything.
Since it took us so long to get to Versailles we were already hungry so we grabbed some food & hung out by this lake to enjoy our lunch. I had a vegetable pita which was probably one of my most favorite meals of the trip, hence the huge smile on my face :)
After lunch we headed to Marie-Antionette's Chateaux which she decorated herself.
How cool is this bedroom?
I loved this hall with all the chandeliers.
We enjoyed driving around and seeing the fountains & gardens.
I really wanted to canoe on the lake, but we didn't really have time for a leisure..
It was really interesting to be on the huge grounds and imagining being royalty & having all the palaces & landscape at your hands.
We had a pleasant but slow train ride back with a cool couple from Long Island. We randomly ended up eating some crappy sushi for lunch.. We only went in to escape the heat & because everything else was so crowded. Bri & I had been dying to go shopping & finally got some in once we got back by our hotel. Unfortunately we only ended up in H & M because everything closed down early. It was probably good for our wallets but sad not to get some unique Paris stuff. After Jeremy took a cat nap & slobbered all over his pillow, we packed, showered & headed out to catch a ferry boat cruise. It was a really cool way to see Paris at night.
It was hard to get clear pictures, but there were people everywhere on the shores playing games & drinking wine. Like I said it was the first of warm weather they had had, so everyone was out enjoying their weekend!
After our Ferry cruise we headed to a 2 story McDonalds because everything else was shut down. We headed back to our hotels a little somber knowing it was the last day of our vacation.
Sunday the 22nd we woke up @ 7:30am and headed to the Paris airport. We parted ways with Jake & Bri's as they are big jerks & were headed home on a direct flight to slc. The Paris airport was really cool & modern. Our fight ended up being delayed 2 hours which was just the start of the most horrible travel day ever. Once on the plane we didn't take off for another 30 minutes. Jeremy took an ambien and was being really lovey dovey & creepy. It really freaked me out he was going to do something really embarrassing, but luckily he slept while I watched a movie. After a 9 hour flight we landed in Chicago, but taxied around for 45 minutes. We had to run to our next flight. We basically threw our bags to the lady & booked it to the other end of the airport & got a pass to go in a fast customs line. Once we finally got to our gate we found out our flight was delayed. After we boarded we sat on the tarmac for over an hour & a half!! Seriously how much worse luck could we have? Our plane tried to land 2 different times but struggled due to lightening. We had originally had a 3 hour layover in Utah & were going to have dinner with my parents, but because of all the delays we barely had time to grab Diesel & say hi. This is also when we realized we had left our camera home so it wasn't stolen :) So we took our final flight from Salt Lake to San Diego which of course took longer than usual but at least I slept the whole flight even though I was nervous about Diesel whining a lot of the time. So after everything we had traveled for 25 hours!!! I had only slept for 4 hours of that. Wish Europe was a little closer :)
Well being back now I can't believe I even went to Europe, seems like a dream. One I hope to have again someday. For now I will just try to catch up on real life. I guess you have to get back to the real world at some point :)

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