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Monday, July 25, 2011

buddies at lagoon

Let me tell you a story about two cute little boys..

At first they weren't so sure about each other..
even though they are a year apart they realized not only did they both have large heads full of beautiful hair, but they were perfectly the same size!
they soon became best buddies..
they enjoyed doing all the same things, such as making silly faces
waving while on the rides
and looking at the camera when the other wasn't.
they even shared drinks
but most of all they loved the water, running & laughing they had a grand old time!
the end.

Ok seriously though my two nephews Truman & Atlas together at Lagoon were a riot! I was so excited to hear Amy was in town with the boys & we all decided to meet at Lagoon with Earl & Sandy as well. Since cute Teddy couldn't really go on any of the rides, he spent most his time with Grandma Sandy..
and Grandpa Earl..
Me & Amy. We always have fun together!
the boys loved having each other to go on the rides with
a favorite being the train & seeing the animals

the boys throwing dirt at me :)

Teddy just happy to be hanging out
Here the boys are on the bumper cars.
Saddest ride ever! Truman got stuck in the corner & was crying for us to help him, while Atlas just stayed in the corner the whole time :(
On the way out Atlas had to show Truman the water that he loves so much!
As you can see they had a blast!
 Truman even made a new friend :)
 Boys + water = fun for hours!
Atlas was a little worn out when we got home :)
I love my nephews, it was so fun to see them together! I hope we can all get together again sometime.

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