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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Babysitting & Utah

 A couple of things we were up to in Utah:
swimming at the Cooper's pool
driving around segways?? yep.
I even stayed an extra week to help babysit & spend time with my nephew Atlas. It was so fun, basically everything this kid does is adorable. He was so easy & well behaved, I hope when I have a child he is just like him! Atlas eating corn, see what I mean about everything being adorable?
He is at such a fun age. He is so sweet & has so much energy! Here he is destroying the flowers :)
We did lot's of fun things while we watched him including hanging out at the Farmington pool.
Visited the grandparents.
Here Atlas is doing his surprised face :)

And what Atlas loved the most was going to Lagoon. He would ask us a million times a day to go to Lagoon, & with a cute face like that we couldn't really say no..
Jaxon with all the cousins his age. So funny since they are interested in girls now, they talked a girl into buying them those slushies..ha

Atlas trying some cotton candy. He couldn't figure out why he was eating a puff ball & ended up giving it to Jaxon.
Atlas was so sweet, he always had to wave to us on every ride..
we had to bribe him with a popsicle to get in the tub :)
I am so glad I got to spend time with this sweet boy. I love him so much, & miss him already!

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