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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day at the Races

On our way back from Utah to Mexico we stopped in San Diego to go to the horse races! It was a first for me & I was SO excited! We got there early enough to snag front row seats next to the track. We set down our chairs & people watched.
The fashion was unbelievably awesome! So fun to see all the ladies decked out in sun dressed & fancy hats. I knew this was the preferred attire but had only arrived from Utah that morning & didn't have the proper items on me :( So I just enjoyed looking around & picking out what I would & wouldn't wear!
They have a hat contest, & some people take it pretty seriously I guess. Check out these two outrageous hats below!

Most of our crew bailed last minute, but our friend Chris still came & was a lovely tour guide :)
Sunglasses under reading glasses.. funny!
The races finally started & I loved feeling the excitement & instant energy from everyone.
The horses seem SO fast in person!
I loved all their different colored bright uniforms & how small the jockeys all were.
This lil guy in the pink was my favorite. We didn't bet on anyone, but if I had he would have been my guy :)
The racing track.
Apparently watching the races can be rough for some people.. haha
Before every race they walk the horses around for everyone to get a better look. I loved this cute old lady petting this horse :)
Even though I was a little tired from waking up for an 8am flight, the day at the races was awesome! Lucky for us the day was mostly overcast with a slight breeze so it never got unbearably hot. We are already planning another day at the races later this month so I can officially get my racing outfit together & have the "real" experience!
Can't wait!

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