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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paris, France Day 2

Friday morning we woke up early to go on a walking tour of Paris. Our travel agent hooked us up with her sister Christine to take us around. She was a gem! She was so knowledgeable & seriously so sweet. She was always smiling & giggling the whole day! So here are some million pictures of what we saw!
We started at this popular bridge that was packed with the lockets I had mentioned are very popular around Europe.
Some of my favorites..
If there were fences in Mexico I would totally start this trend.
We then walked along the streets which had a bunch of cute little shops. 
I wish she was in focus, but this old lady had the cutest outfit ever.
Love all the scooters everywhere.
It was nice to walk around so early to see the city before it started buzzing. I guess it was the first day they had warm weather so in the afternoon everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine.
It's these little details that make the city so unique.
For breakfast we stopped in a popular sweets shop.
We had heard so many people talk about how delicious macaroons were so we were super excited to try them. I actually didn't think I would like macaroons since I assumed they were crunchy, but was very surprised to find they are very soft & delicious!
We walked thru a little a little flower shop till we found somewhere to eat our breakfast.
Jeremy got a creme pastery with a strawberry macaroon & a baguette that he devoured.
I ordered a raspberry eclair which was heavenly! The raspberries were so fresh.
Christine seriously took us everywhere! I am amazed at how much cool stuff was hidden down streets & behind stores.
We finally made it to the Notre Dame. The outside is so detailed & interesting. Almost creepy with all the gargoyles.
Inside was covered with the most vibrant glass windows.
Everyone was a little worn out at this point besides me which was shocking since I usually have low energy compared to most. We pushed on though, Christine wouldn't let us waste our day.
She took us thru a very popular flower shop. It was filled with the most gorgeous flowers.
More colorful doors :) Blue is a favorite.
We headed to these gorgeous gardens and inside a museum.
For lunch I got a yummy ham & egg sandwich on a baguette.. I really enjoyed the food in Paris much better than Italy & felt like they had a wide array of options. We also grabbed some more macaroons :)
We rested at this park, looked so fun to just sit down and sketch or do homework.
My pink oxfords walked from 10am-6pm! Walking Paris is definitely a work out.
On the way back to our hotel we saw this cute asian couple who had just been married.
How cool is this display outside of a very famous ballet shop?
The Opera house is pretty incredible!
After walking for 8 hours straight we decided to get back to our hotels to give our feet a break.
How cute are these two??!!
Bri & I with our Paris guide Christine. She was such a sweet lady, and we were so glad she could show us around!
We decided not to nap as we were nervous we wouldn't be able to wake up so we changed & headed to dinner. Jer had an egg hamburger & I french onion soup. Next we headed to the much anticipated Lourve which was amazing but we really needed a couple more days to really enjoy everything it had to offer. We first saw the Mona Lisa.

I can't say I was super impressed, but it is pretty cool to think of how famous it is & how much hype surrounds this peculiar lady. Jeremy thought she was very unattractive.
Highlights of the Lourve were the jewelry, vanity's & amazing chandeliers. We were lucky it wasn't really crowded since we went at night.
We were going to go on a night ferry but missed the boat & decided to get to sleep so we would have energy for our last day in Paris.
Next up: Final day in Paris!


  1. wow, you did a lot in one day! i love your paris pictures... found you through pinterest!


  2. You took so many gorgeous pictures--thanks for sharing! Makes me want to go back to Paris and see what I missed.

    I LOVE your oxfords--please, oh, please, tell me--where did you get them?