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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Abandoned train car

I am really enjoying the camera Jeremy gave me for Christmas. Photography is really becoming a big hobby of mine. So when Prez & Jaxon were bored the other day I loaded them up to head on a photo expedition! As we were driving we just ran into this abandoned train car in west Farmington.
Jaxon was so embarrassed we combed his hair to the side & if you notice that bow tie may look familiar.. It's actually Diesel's collar that he is wearing around his neck! Jaxon does have a natural modeling talent though, I mean check out his cute face!
And of course the camera loves Prezley with her huge eyes and striking features.
We didn't last too long since they were both scared of all the hornets & the sun came out scorching hot!
* This one is my favorite! These two really are buddies :)
Hopefully one day I will be able to change the setting from manual, but for now I'm just a beginner so I let the camera do the work for me. 

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