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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clam Hunt

The other day we were at a friends for dinner having clam pasta, and Jeremy was very interested to know that they had dug up all the clams themselves. So the next night Jeremy decided we should go on our own clam hunt, so he crafted these tools using old golf clubs & hangers and off we went.
and came back very successful! Dies & I with all our clams :)
I have to note I had the best luck, finding most the big ones! In case you ever find yourself wanting to snag your own clams here is what to do:
> wait until the tide is out
> look for small holes in the sand (usually in clumps)
> poke a stick or whatever device you have into the hole
> if you feel something hard, there is a clam hiding there!
> if not either the clam is very small, or there is no clam
> we found the bigger the air bubble, the bigger the clam
we decided to boil our clams vs baking them. To prepare the clams we left them in a bowl of salt water for an hour & rotated fresh salt water twice for 25 minutes. This is important to get all the sand & junk out of the clam. We then boiled the clams for no longer then 10 minutes.
As soon as they pop open you know they are finished!
And Viola! There you have it, fresh clams:
Jeremy said the clams were very delicious. I however do not enjoy the taste of clams, but thought snatching them was fun enough!
Clamming may be a new favorite activity for us down in Mexico. If you enjoy clams feel free to come join us anytime!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE your suit! You look absolutely stunning in it.