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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Once back from Europe, serious depression set it. I mean I just had loads of laundry & was missing the million cool things I had at my fingertips just days before. So when our friends planned to come visit us in San Felipe for Memorial Day I was so excited for the company!
Our friends Wes, Rachelle & their dog Max shacked with us, while our friend Chris & his girlfriend Megan stayed in a close by condo with her friend & boyfriend. They arrived late Thursday night & the craziness started almost immediately the next morning... Not to get into details, but after a fight between Megan's friend & her boyfriend we quickly learned that the boyfriend was an alcoholic. An angry one at that.. It was so much drama which unfortunately escalated that next night when he wanted to drive his truck home from dinner. Let me just say alcohol & an angry person are not a good combination. We made him let one of us drive which made him very aggravated. We were all feeling uncomfortable with what felt like a ticking time bomb. Luckily he calmed down for the rest of the trip, although I just avoided him as much as possible anyways..

Even through the drama we still managed to have some fun! That included tons of laying out at the beach. (People assume this is all I do in MX but to be honest I hardly ever do, it's just no fun by yourself!)
We brought the dogs the first day which was a bad idea since they ended up being very messy! Max below digging himself a hole :)
Top left: the beautiful Rachelle, top right: Jeremy & Wes trying to catch a crab.bottom left: Diesel relaxing, bottom right: Megan & her friend enjoying some trash mags!
We did so much laying out that I actually got super burnt! Yes this is me fully clothed at the beach the last day. ha
The boys of course enjoyed some golfing. Jeremy & Wes in matching outfits.
Since it was Chris's birthday, Megan planned a semi surprising birthday dinner for him. All the decorations & food were so great. We had originally planned to do it out on the beach but it was too windy :(
Jeremy & I knew that Chris needed a pinata for his birthday so sleeping beauty graced us with her presence. (warning: if you are sensitive to violence the below pictures may make you uncomfortable.)
She was alarmingly hard to break. Seriously grown men were beating the crap out of her & she barely broke.. How was a little kid supposed to get any candy out of this thing?
Chris blowing out his candles..
 they were trick candles :)
 It was so nice to hang out outside & eat cake with the borrowed tiki torches lit.
We were glad our friends came to visit even though they brought a little craziness with them :)

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