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Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentines Project #1

So while Jeremy is gone for the whole day (usually he comes home for lunch) I decided to get started on Valentine decorations. Now this has never been a *favorite holiday of mine. I don't hate it, I just don't love it. Mainly because I think flowers are a waste & I am not a chocolate lover. Not that those things are what Valentine's is all about, but they are a big thing lots of girls look forward to. I think I just hope for a nice dinner. Jeremy & I are low in the romance department.. We need to try harder to be spontaneous & sentimental but it's just not the way we are. So just FYI single ladies you are not missing out on much this February if you are alone. My favorite Valentine to date is when all my roommates & I got Cafe Rio for dinner & came back to the house, watched a scary movie, & prank called our friends. (sorry again Brit) Back to the point, I feel like holidays are what we make them right? So I figured I needed to put up some decorations & what not to feel more festive. Plus it's probably the only time it's allowed to have pink & red girly hearts & decorations in my house.
This is not what I had envisioned making but it evolved in to this somehow. The feathers are not attached, I am just using them to hide my bad closure stitching. So I realize it's almost impossible to read that it say's LOVE, but I had initially planned on using small beads, but when they wouldn't fit over my embroidery needle I upgraded to pearls I had. I should have used a simpler font but oh well what's done is done. This is what the font looked like before the beads:
 I wouldn't say Valentine Project # 1 was a total success, but it will add some flavor to our blah brown living room. Can't wait to see Jer's faked *wow impressive Cass face. He is so sweet to pretend he likes me weird crafts, but I always know :)
More V day crafts to come. I would love to hear if you do anything awesome/romantical for Valentine's day?

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  1. I could tell it said Love right when I saw it! I love it! We usually just do a nice dinner as well on Valentines but I remember the most fun Valentines I had is when we were first married and we stayed in a nice hotel, bought a movie off the TV and it had nice breakfast the next morning!