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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Greetings..

I started off this post by wanting to upload 12 of my favorite photos from these last 12 months of 2010. As I starting choosing them I realized they were all basically the same. They all included spending time with our family (Jer & I's). So instead I will just include this little picture we sent out as our Christmas card, in case you didn't request one :)
As I was home for Christmas I didn't really stay on top of blogging or taking pictures for that matter so I should have posted this before Christmas, but I really just wanted to spend time with my family instead of documenting it! I gave my sister in law Erin my idea & she came up with the design. We loved how it turned out! Hope you had a Happy Holiday & a great New Year!
pst.. how funny/cute is Jeremy in cartoon form!? I also commissioned an artist I like to do a couple portrait of us to hang on the wall, but Jeremy just ended up looking like an old man! haha It's the no hair thing :)

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