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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Capturing the moon..

Have you ever tried to capture the moon? Well I tried a few nights ago & it is a lot harder than it looks! The moon was so huge & bright, I was just mesmerized.. It truly was brilliant & looked like I could just reach out and touch it. I made Jeremy pull over in an attempt to save this incredible moon I was seeing in picture form.
I guess the moon is really hard to take pictures of because it moves ever so slightly & my camera needed to adjust to let in as much light as possible.
That's just how it goes though, you can never capture the things, moments, or feelings that really mean something. I hope that in blogging I capture just little reminders of these memories.

In other news I had a lovely weekend in San Diego with my long time friend Jodie.
I keep not wanting to post about it until I get my photo's edited to my liking, but of course that takes forever & I keep running into speed bumps along the way.. I am giving myself a deadline so I will stop waiting for my posts to be perfect & just correct them as I go.
Can't believe January is almost over!! This year is already flying by!

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