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Friday, January 7, 2011

Photoshop 101

So this Christmas I got a Nikon D90. I was really excited to use it until I pulled out the manual book.. YIKES! The thing is huge. I mean I knew I needed to take some photography classes and what not to really master the thing, but when it took me a half an hour to get the battery, sim card & lens in place I knew I was in big trouble. I turned the camera on and turned it to auto expecting to pull off some awesome photos! Well that didn't happen.. they were all blurry or I could see my own shadow. I really had to turn the lens to the perfect spot to get a clear photo. Needless to say this new camera is going to take some serious work. So I decided to put that on the back burner & figure out my new photoshop first.
Which I gifted to myself for Christmas because I think I was pretty nice this year :)
I figured I could use decent photos I already had, thinking I would still feel I was making progress by whipping out some legit edited pictures.
Anyways when I opened it up I found myself very confused and more frustrated than before.. Especially since I couldn't even figure out how to pull a single photo in the thing. So after waiting forever to load youtube tutorials with no luck of any understanding, I finally posted a sort of help please on fb! Don't judge me, I was desperate!
(Usually I would call my brother Landon to tell me how to problem solve these sorts of things, but I know he doesn't have photoshop & just recently had a baby so I decided he deserved a break from my technical retardation).
Anyways a friend from back home so graciously called to help me, & help he did!!! I still have loads to learn but he answered a bunch of my questions & so kindly explained everything to me. So without further adieu:
My first photoshop creations!

So there you have it. I have learned something already this year!

*Side Note: I had been trying to upload these pictures above for the last 3 days! They kept just endlessly uploading or would say server error. Initially I thought it was our slow internet connection, but even when I went to the pool where they have faster internet it still wasn't working. These sort of problems drive me crazy! I felt so frustrated and wasted hours & hours waiting for them to load with no success. I usually just ask other people to fix problems for me, it just seems to go faster & trust that other people always know more than me (which is mostly true, I know I'm no genius)! In this case I felt like no one could really know how to fix the problem over the phone & since Jer really doesn't know how to work blogger or photoshop I didn't think he could be helpful either. So finally I said to myself: 
this problem needs to be fixed, & I need to do it!
So I thought to myself if I were Landon, how would I fix this.... (poof idea pops into my head) I remembered how he will always google his question & read the possible solutions. So that's what I did! 2 hours later I figured out I needed to change the format of my photo's from psd to jpeg. Now I know some of you are thinking duh, but I have never been savvy with computers or technology. I am so jealous of kids these days really being taught how to work computers & the programs that go with them. I just feel so behind sometimes, I love technology but it will leave you in the dust if you don't keep up. I am glad however I learned how to communicate better than most kids these days with their facebook, iphones & what not. Jeremy always gets annoyed and says young kids these days are communication-ally retarded. Well sorry I know this story has turned forever long about how I could use some basic technology classes, but I glad for a moment that I figured out a problem on my very own. Diesel is very proud of his mamma's accomplishments this day :)


  1. Loving your newly acquired skills! You'll have to teach me. And I love your new header... So cute! Miss you!

  2. I've never been more proud of you little sis! What will we talk about now that your computer is fixed and you've figured out that all of my answers to your questions can be found by simply asking our friend google?

  3. I like your pictures! they turned out cute! good job!

  4. You are way ahead of me. Learning how to photoshop pictures in on my long list of things to learn to do. If I have questions with my D90, I'm calling you. There's no way I'm looking at our gigantic manual.