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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girls Weekend

This last weekend I was supposed to head off to San Francisco for a girls trip. Apparently is wasn't meant to be, because it fell thru. Jodie however saved the day & came out to hang out with me in San Diego!
Friday morning I picked her up at the long beach airport & we headed over to Amy's house to visit with her & the boys. Mainly just sharing gossip about the bachelor :) After that we headed to Fashion Island to shop. Jodie & I were determined to make a change in our wardrobes! I have really been feeling out of style lately, I keep picking articles of clothing that are awesome but don't necessarily go well with my body type. Anyways we were pretty successful & happy with our purchases. Amy came & meet us for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory & was even generous enough to pay! I am so lucky to have such a sweet sister in law that I love to hang out with & get along with so well. After shopping we headed to San Diego and just crashed for the night.
Saturday morning we decided to head down to Pacific Beach. We got lucky enough to score front row parking as well! The weather was perfect & the waves were crashing pretty hard which was fun to watch.

 We got hit on at the beach a couple times which is always awkward.. I forget that I don't have a tattoo stamped on my forehead that says "I'm Married" so I am always taken off guard when boys talk to me. Especially cause it happens so rarely living in my San Felipe bubble :)

On the way home we stopped by the Temple because it's our favorite!
After the temple we headed to see Tangled which is absolutely the most adorable movie ever. I was so glad Jodie & are both 7 and wanted to see it. Jer was just glad he didn't have to see it with me!
 That evening we headed to Fashion Valley in San Diego to continue our shopping spree. We went into the Container Store which is seriously organization heaven & I picked up some boxes & wrapping for Jer's big day coming up! We then decided to go into Bloomingdale's because neither of us have ever shopped there & were curious. It is basically a more expensive Nordstroms. They had tons of awesome dresses that looked like they were for the golden globes, so we each picked one out and pretended to be famous! ha
Here is our dressing room fashion show, feathers included. Too bad you can't sport G-ments with this so I decided not to purchase it. haha I kid, I kid.
After I made my favorite purchase of the trip @ good ol' forever 21 we headed downtown for dinner at Roy's. I was sad because the only reason we had chosen there was for their amazing wedge salads which of course they didn't have for some reason.

Sunday we woke up & attempted to work out at the park across the street. My legs are still sore from the squats we did. I cut out early to take Sam a big lab we were watching home because he was dragging us all over the place! Little dogs are just so much easier to handle. We got ready & headed down to visit Jodie's sister in Huntington. After we figured we might as well visit every mall in California so we stopped by the Irvine Spectrum. The only thing I purchased was pinkberry & it was well worth it :) After the mall I dropped Jodie off at the Long Beach airport & headed back to SD. It was a lovely weekend & I was so glad to have company. I only got seriously lost once & that was on the way to the SD airport to pick Jer up. California is so massive it's really hard for me to figure out where I am especially with no Utah mountains to guide me! I will say I am happy to be back home where I don't have to drive anywhere. I hate driving Jer's big truck & will be happy when I have a car of my own again. 

This week's to do list includes wrapping Jer's presents & making Valentine's decorations so hopefully that keeps me entertained :)


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! You girls are so cute! And I LOVED Tangled!! Such a darling movie!

  2. So glad you had a FUN weekend! Bummer about our girls trip...we'll have to figure it out again!! When are you guys headed to Utah?!? We need to hang when you do..xoxo!