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Monday, January 31, 2011

San Felipe Weekend

This last weekend we stayed in San Felipe. I have to say I used to dread the weekends we stay here, but now don't mind them as much. I feel much better adjusted with how to use my time & stay entertained. When Saturday came Jeremy asked what I wanted to do, after I threw down a veto on going golfing I said "let's do a photo shoot on the beach!" Jeremy said he didn't want to be my model..wah wah. Fine I said, you can be my assistant, & blow up the turtle. But by the time we blew up the turtle & got to the beach a thick fog set in..
I thought this was going to ruin my little session, but it actually made a cool background.
 Diesel was happy as a clam chasing Jeremy around & eating sand & then choking it back out as per usual.
I was amazed at how long this little guy's tongue is! He was of course a great sport & as photogenic as ever :)
Jer by the end decided he did want to show off his modeling skills. haha this picture cracked me up, even more after I edited it!
Anyways I am loving my new camera & the challenges it & photoshop bring. I just wish I had more things and/or people to take pictures of. Hopefully this weekend I can get Truman to stand still long enough to snap some pics of him & Teddy. 

I wanted to write down that Sunday was a lot better this week. I almost have learned all the kids names which helps a lot. Sometimes it is a blessing & a curse to me that Jeremy is  fluent in Spanish. He helps bridge the gap in our little ward translating back & forth which I think really helps. This Sunday however I think he was sick of feeling like all he does is play telephone back & forth. He translated all of sacrament, all of combined Relief Society & Priesthood, then after church for about an hour someone was grabbing on his arm asking for him to translate something for them. I swear he knows more about what's going on in our ward than the branch president! He is so good to do it though with a smile on his face.

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