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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Go Utes!

So remember last week when Utah crushed Byu? Man was that awesome! Well back in the day I cheered for the Utes, & loved every minute of it. Being on the sidelines for the football games was by far my favorite. I really still miss it! I have a hard time watching games from the stands when I am used to being right there in all the action..
SO my dad reminded me of a commercial I was in with Eric Weddle (who now kills it for the San Diego Chargers) 
It's actually rather embarrassing, but I better just get it out now before it bites me in the butt later! As you can see I am a horrible actress..
hahaha oh man it's pretty bad. They had promised me they would get footage of the whole team cheering, but of course the used the roll of me dancing all by myself! Well hopefully this gives you a good laugh. :)
GO UTES!!!!!!


  1. That is so awesome. Your kids will think that is so cool when they are older! Haha. Love it.

  2. Haha...loved it. Good times cheering. I miss it. Oh, and the BYU sucks :)

  3. Can I have your autograph?! That was awesome :)