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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Floods = Mud.. Again!

Yesterday was just one of those days..
I was done with being in Mexico,
I was missing my family & friends,
I was sick of watching football games with my husband,
so when something I had been very excited to purchase went out of stock immediately,
I lost my mind!
Really I did. I was so devastated I found myself weeping in the tub.
Yep. Embarrassing but true.
Then to make matters worse it started raining..
Which made things seem even more depressing since I had planned to lay out at the pool that afternoon :(
But soon rain turned into more rain which turned into hail!
It went on like this for hours, which isn't good since San Felipe is not made for rain. It has only rained 3 times in the whole two years I have lived here! You can see HERE what happened the last time it rained hard.
When it finally slowed down we went to go take a look outside but saw that our garage was flooded & only minutes away from coming straight into our kitchen! Jeremy quickly backed his truck out & shut the door which saved our kitchen from being seriously flooded. Some water did get in, but I was prepared with towels. 
Once it was safe to go outside we walked around to see all the damage..
Not a pretty sight.
Hopefully that is the last rain storm of the year, because I can't take another day like this one! We were so glad the storm didn't hit in town (10 minutes from the Ranch) because the small homes have no protection and would have gotten destroyed..
That night Jeremy & I fought over who got to power wash the garage. Why we both thought it was so fun, I don't know.. maybe it was just one of those days where working makes you feel better.

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