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Friday, September 23, 2011

They can't all be winners

So as I have mentioned I have been dabbling in designing & getting custom dresses made. I take fabric to my local tailor here in Mexico & she without a pattern pops out some amazing stuff. This time I have to say I was a little disappointed. I lost the inspiration picture for this dress, though it doesn't matter since they don't look anything alike. It was supposed to have a tulip skirt, and a ruffle top which I thought would be the perfect beach cover-up. As you can see there is no tulip bottom and the ruffle is more like just draping fabric. I guess I had not left her enough fabric, though unfortunately I think most of it was wasted on the top which is 3X's too big! You can't tell by the picture since I have it tucked under my armpit, but I could fit a whole watermelon in with me I promise!
Jeremy says I can't complain because even though she can be real flakey & this dress didn't turn out like I wanted, what can I really expect for $15? He is probably right, they can't all end up winners. Plus I think I enjoy the process more than I do the actual finished dresses :) I am crossing my fingers my little sisters homecoming dress turns out much better. I will post it once she has it on and is all done up for the dance :)
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For now it looks like I will be putting the dress making on hold since we will be in Utah every other 2 weeks. Yep we are still part time. I will see all my Utahians this Sunday!

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