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Monday, September 12, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

So as I mentioned we recently got back from Lake Powell! I have such fond memories of going every summer with my family and friends.
This year we went over labor day, which was perfect temperature wise. Jeremy's parents were so kind to let us bring our friends down to hang out with them & their buddies on the newly renovated boat.
Some of the fun things we did:
hung out on the "Salon". The salon was a dream come true, with it's enormous size we could all fit, get some tanning in, and even wash our hair through the convenient hole. Hence the reason we named it the salon.
lots of fishing, catching mainly carp, eww!
hiking.. only Jeremy participated here
Apparently Jeremy struggled climbing down on his own.. And that's why you should always use the buddy system!
At night the Salon turned into a hill.. which needed a king
Jeremy drowning his brother, every mothers nightmare..
cliff jumping
Jeremy & I jumping together for our 2 year anniversary, because couples who jump together stay together! :)
when we decided to all jump together but somehow only Jeremy jumped.. hehe
and last but not least, walking on water!
Meg & Tate the happily engaged couple ;)
We got a little carried away with the pictures..
*This one is my favorite, too cute!
some tricks & acrobats..
then just some good old modeling from the boys
though I don't have photos to prove it, there was also
awesome book reading
delicious food
great company
and a lots of playing hearts (card game). Earl is still in the dog house for passing me the Queen twice!
Thanks again Earl & Sandy for being great hosts, we had a blast! Looking forward to many more powell trips!

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