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Monday, October 3, 2011

Prezley's Homecoming dress

Prez, my mother & I picked out some fabric to have my lady in Mexico do her magic & make us a custom dress for Prezley to wear to the homecoming dance. Unfortunately it was a little too big when she first tried it on.. Luckily our friend Danise (the one who made my wedding dress) swooped in and saved the day by altering it for us. Thank goodness she did it so quickly too, since Prezley got asked to the Syracuse homecoming which was this past Saturday.
I think she looked pretty classy. We loved her dress the most out of anyone in her group, & I doubt any of them got theirs for $15! :)
Her date was really sweet. There was actually debate if he looked like Edward or Jacob from Twilight!? haha
I will post better pictures of her dress when she goes to Davis's homecoming.

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  1. Love the dress!! She looks gorgeous in it and I love the red shoes and lips!