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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Felt Flowers

A while back I found myself bored in Mexico & so I was browsing the web to find something to make. I came across a cute tutorial to make felt flowers from notmartha & was happy that I had all the supplies on hand!
 I often see cute fabric flowers online, but think they are always geared towards little girls. These however I think look cute enough for adults to pin to a cardigan or clip on a headband. I even think they would look cute pinned to a groomsmen!

I made the red flower first using dollar store felt & a hot glue gun. Though it looks ok, I did not like how floppy the felt was & how bulky the hot glue was.. So with the purple flower I switched to craft glue & a nicer thicker felt I had purchased at the Renagade craft fair in LA last year with my sister in law.
 The only hard part of this DIY is how long it takes to cut out the petals + waiting for them to dry. I found clothes pins worked best to keep the individual petals to hold there shape while drying.
I need to remember to snap a picture the next time I pin one to my cardigan :)
Full instructions here.

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