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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ella's Newborns!!

I am SOOOO excited to show you my very first newborns!!!
 I was so ecstatic when my cousin Brooke asked me to get some pictures of her brand new baby girl Ella! Everything really worked out amazingly as Brooke had a million perfect props, & little Ella must have known I was an amateur because she was seriously such an angel!!
So without further adieu I proudly present..
I made this little banner with gold craft paper & pink yarn as well as the cute headband Ella is wearing to match. maybe I will post the tutorial later.
Isn't she the sweetest?!
How precious is her little smile here?
Brooke made the cute green yarn E as well as her matching headband :)
I love this one with the stuffed bunny!
Since Brooke lives so close to my moms I came over two different days to make sure we got all the shots we wanted. When Ella was feeding or being fussy I took some pictures of her older sister Emmerson. Seriously she is the most photogenic little girl ever with her huge eyes & long eye lashes!
Here is a little peak into Ella's nursery
Brooke made this cute canvas by placing on stickers, spray painting it gold, then pulled the stickers off and Viola!! Sweet & Simple.
Sisters :)
How tiny does she look in her dad's hands? He thought he might die when she peed on him :) haha
I absolutely love these ones where we used Brooke's hand painted chevron canvas as the background!
Here Emmerson was waiting very patiently for baby sister to be ready so we could take their pictures together. :) She really was so good & sweet. Most 3 year olds would not last half as long as she did!
I couldn't believe how adorable these shots turned out of the two together!
 I know these two are similar but I just couldn't choose between her soft smile or serious face!
When Emmerson said "I think I need a pillow under my head mom". Too cute :)
And last but not least the money shot! This is not my favorite pose or anything, but seems to be a newborn staple picture so I at least wanted to try it.. I do have to say it is very difficult to get, and her father totally felt like we were torturing her..
but hey at least we got it :)
So sorry for the million pictures, but I just had such a hard time narrowing them down! Thanks again Brooke for all your help, your girls are the sweetest. Taking newborns may be my new favorite hobby!


  1. LOVE the pictures Cass. If you ever need a 4 month old or a 2 1/2 year old as a model... PLEASE CALL ME!! =) Seriously though. Love them. I'm a fan of two cute little girls together!

  2. These are awesome Cass!! Not to mention those girls are beautiful. I'm excited to see more of your stuff!

  3. These are so amazing for an "amateur" and especially for your first newborns! SO precious! I may be calling you next time around:)