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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apple Orchard

I'm back!! I was in Lake Powell all last week which means no internet for blogging. (that post to come later) Before Powell I was in Utah being crazy busy! Can't wait to show you all the stuff we have been up to! To start off here are some shots I got of my cute cousins in an apple orchard last week..
This cute little one is Will
This little firecracker is Lucy. She seriously has such a fun personality!
And this sweetheart is Elle. I loved to tend & play with her when I was younger & my sister Prezley was too old to mother anymore :) Her & Lucy were adorable flower girls at my wedding!
The lighting was a little tricky with all the shadows & sunspots but with the help of my lovely assistant Ashley I think we got some great shots of the kids.
The cute lavender chair Lucy is sitting on was my grandmother Ella Lou's :)
This one cracks me up, especially Lucy's serious face!
Simply adorable :)

 I loved how dreamy this one turned out of Elle.
Such a fun little photo shoot! A word of caution though, Ashley was smart enough to call her neighbor & ask permission to go onto their land, and she warned us that just next week they were spraying the orchard with hazardous chemicals and all her kids would have gotten sick! So before you just show up, make sure you get permission so you don't put anyone in danger!

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