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Friday, April 29, 2011

Nonsense of all sorts

This whole post will be dedicated to all the random nonsense going on in my head & real life. If you find it strange just ignore me..

*I have had to put a time limit of an 1 1/2 of television watching a night because it seems every night there are a zillion things we want to watch including: glee, teen mom, american idol (which is 2 nights), ABDC, Kloe & Lamar, and somehow Real World Las Vegas.. I know it's gotta stop!

*My hair is 24 1/2 inches right now. Measured from center part down, that has to be a record. Speaking of hair I really want to learn how to do these old fashion curls.. Anyone know how??
*Jeremy has not spoken to me in the last 2 days. Don't worry we are not in a fight or anything, but he is reading Water for Elephants & can't seem to put it down. So funny when he comes home for lunch & goes straight upstairs to get his book. Silly boy. At least it takes time away from our t.v problem above..

* We have really liked jamming out to Black Eyed Peas new album lately & even watched a live concert on MTV the other night. Which always starts the debate of whether Fergie is hot or not.. Anyways we found out we both love Jaime Gomez (Taboo) & he is definitely our favorite in the group. It's things like this that reassure us we are soul mates :)
* I am currently obsessed with anything rainbow, shoes & geometric patterns.

*Yesterday I went to an Acrylic paint class. (Erin are you proud?) I think it turned out pretty good even though this is not my style..
*I  HATE cold sores!!!! I currently am sporting 2 these days :(

* I have been singing at the top of my lungs to ADELE's new album all week. I am just addicted to her voice. I really would love to see her in concert, but alas tickets are from $350-$800! Apparently other people love her as much as I do :(

*My nephew Atlas called me last night (with the help of his parents), and man that kid just melts my heart. It is so sweet to hear him saying my name & knowing he finally knows who I am. It reminded me of when I got to watch him as a baby & oh how I miss those days. I miss him often.

*I can't seem to say the word supposedly. It is for some reason a tongue twister for me. I always exchange the D for a B. Supposebly? I just can't get it right.. Anyone else find this word difficult to say?

*Diesel's daily schedule:
6am- crawl's out from under the covers and walks all over the bed. Paws dad's face till he says NO! NOT YET!!
6am-730am- lays by dad's face and wags his tail every time dad moves.
730am- dad FINALLY feeds you, while mommy still peacefully sleeps. You lick your bowl clean & then come up & do a weird silent bark thing & pace back in forth till mom picks you up.
8-9am- lays at the corner of the bed with his paws hanging out from under the covers until mom gets up for the day.
9-10am- takes a lovely stroll to one of his 3 pooping areas. He sniffs around everywhere like he might choose a new spot but then comes back to his usual dumping grounds. He circles between 11-16 times & then pops a squat. (He is very particular) Then he pee's on at least 7 different rocks/plants/trees.
10-1pm- lays on the couch & does absolutely nothing until dad comes home for lunch. Greets him at the door & sits on his lap while I make lunch.
1-2pm- silently stares at us while we eat lunch.
2-430pm- takes nap.
430-5pm- follows mom around to remind her it's almost dinner time. Eats or shall I say swallows his food at 5pm.
530-7pm- takes a second walk or some sort of field trip to the golf course, beach or dad's office for exercise.
7pm-silently stares again while we eat dinner.
8pm- runs around like a crazy.
830pm- chews on his toy fox.
9pm- snores the night away.

repeat this everyday.

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