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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Around here

 I can't believe it's May already the year is already 1/4th over. I wanted to post about all the things going on before I leave to Europe for 2 weeks. 
First off I survived my first night in Mexico alone. Thursday night Jeremy headed up to Tijuana to attend a golf tournament for work & didn't come back until Friday night. I didn't get scared like I thought I might, but I did stay up pretty late watching half of the Royal Wedding.
Last Saturday we celebrated Children's Day (Mexican Holiday) for our primary activity. The kids seemed to really enjoy it, I was sad I only had my iphone to document it. They started off with a pinata which is always fun..
After they got tons of candy we headed inside for a small scavenger hunt & food. 
A couple of the kids & a cute little puppy! It was pretty extravagant for a primary activity, but in Mexican culture everything turns into a full blown party!

Sunday night I decided to tag along with Jer to Rosarito. (3hrs from San Felipe) On our way there we stopped at a Restaurant we love called La Fonda. It has the BEST lobster. It is in the middle of nowhere, but is pretty famous. The first time we ate there I saw dolphins jumping out of the ocean which you can see from the balcony!
I couldn't even eat all the lobster so my very "special" husband took care of it for me. Since Jeremy's meeting was early Monday morning, we got to stay at the Rosarito Beach Hotel which had the best view & a cool modern vibe. Totally two thumbs up from me.
I was sad I didn't bring my swimming suit because the pool looked so cute with it's dock like wooden decks. 

Picture above taken while driving. Jesus is watching over the place apparently. I have to say I did like Rosarito, it has a really small town/vintage thing going on but is still clean. It is between Ensenada & Tijuana and I would say it is the best place to visit on the Baja that I have been to so far.
We decided to stop at BajaMar for some lunch & golfing. What can I say, a girl needs to bargain for money & with my husband golf is my best option :)
I actually just sat in the cart & enjoyed the beautiful view of the ocean. It is a really pretty course if you are into that sort of thing.

The course was alive with creatures of all sorts. Buzzing with butterflies, squirrels, birds, & even the easter bunny himself! Now you know where easter bunnies go to relax after delivering all those eggs! ;)
Today I was unlucky & woke up with a UTI. Not fun, but I am glad at least I am in the comfort of my home & not walking all over Europe! Crossing my fingers I stay healthy & happy thru-out out our trip. Wish me luck! I will be trying to get prepared & pack the next 2 days.. So nervous but excited! I would love any traveling advice :)


  1. I can't believe you get to go to Europe so soon, I'm so jealous! I can't wait to read about it and see all your pics!

  2. Lobster and seeing dolphins....doesn't get much better than that in my book!! I was jealous just reading about it.
    I got a UTI while on my honeymoon. :( Talk about the worst! If your doctor is willing I would ask him to give you a prescription you can take with you to Europe. Have a ton of fun and I'm sure you'll give us a great update/pics when you get back.