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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conference weekend in San Diego

This last weekend we headed up to San Diego, to hang out with friends & because it was conference didn't have to worry about who would take over primary & the young men.
On our way up we stopped in Mexicali at a place Jeremy said has the best breakfast. I am always skeptical of such claims due to the fact that they always look run down & dirty. Seriously though he was not kidding, the food was amazing!! 
(so much so that we also ate there on our way home too)
I have yet to find a place in San Felipe that I love. There is a spectacular pizza place, but it is American run so I don't really count it as authentic Mexican food.

The owner cooks all the meat on the teeny grill outside. 
If you are ever in the area you have to eat here @ Yocojihua! Why you would be I have no clue, but hey I'm here right?! It is family run, & the owner is seriously so nice. (top right corner)
Saturday Rachelle & I hung out & listened to conference while the boys were off golfing. We went shopping that night when the boys went to priesthood. (I am always jealous though because I feel like some of the best talks are given at priesthood)
While shopping I bought 2 pairs of shoes, which means 3 new pairs just this month.. Yes I'm pretty sure shoes have become my new obsession. I loved being at the mall, people watching is just so entertaining!
When the boys got back we headed out for sushi, something Jeremy & I always crave up in the states. After the first place was a 2 hr wait we headed to another one to fill our fish cravings. Yum I love sushi!
Sunday was a lazy day as we just laid on the couch & watched more conference. I love conference as it is such a good reminder to always do better. We made goals to help us improve.
During the break we took the dogs on a much needed walk.
The weather was pretty funky all weekend switching back & forth from hot to cold & windy.

That afternoon we decided to head over to Chris & Amy's to visit. It was so fun to see the boys. Teddy seems so much older & has the most beautiful light blue eyes just like Amy. Jeremy was getting on my last nerve as he had gotten bored and decided bugging me was his entertainment, so I was glad when he directed some of his teasing towards Truman & Chris instead of just me! Jeremy did his best to convince Chris he needed to come on the second half of our Europe trip so we are crossing our fingers they come :)
Well that was basically our weekend & it was lovely. Excited I am going right back up this weekend for Prezley's cheer competition!

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