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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early Easter

If you can believe it I was in Utah again this last weekend! Jeremy had a golfing trip (he will blog about it, as I'm sure you are dying to know how that went). So much was going on at home I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to join in. I arrived Saturday just in time to hang out & help Prezley get ready for Davis's prom. (She also got asked to Viewmont's prom, she must be a popular gal!) I watched & critiqued as my mom braided her hair. Unfortunately I still don't know how to french braid, I really need to learn.
She looked SO beautiful. Disregard how ugly I look, I had been up since 4:00am that morning to catch the flight in..
Her date seemed like a real sweetie.
Poor kid got tons of awkward comments from the Potter's. Sure he won't be coming back to our house anytime soon! Ex: I just had to enlarge this so you could see the creepiness of Landon & Bryce.
So glad Prez has a ton more dances I can hopefully help her get ready for & wish it was me :)
That night I went with my parent's, Meg + Hawkes & my dad's friends Bob & Ginger to good old Ruby River. I used to work there and still really enjoy the food. I was surprised to see some of the same employees from when I had worked there almost 5 years ago!

Since Landon, Meg, Hawkes & Tanner are moving to Pittsburg for the summer to sell & would be gone before Easter my mom decided to bump up her annual Easter party to the Sunday I was there which worked out perfect for me!
Hawkes looking very festive & adorable!
I can't help it but he has taken over most of my camera sim card. He is just too cute!
 Some family Easter shots..

My mom invites all the close by relatives to come over every easter for a food & easter egg hunt. These are all the cousins who still participate in searching for the eggs. (I hid the eggs myself thank you very much)
The kids after they had gathered all the eggs. Oh the joys of being young. :) 
Hanging out with my momma & poppa after the party. Sure do love getting to spend time with them. Poor Atlas was too sick to come to the easter party so I visited them that night. He is so stinking cute, I love hearing his sweet little voice!
Since Landon & Meg are moving I went over to help pack. We basically went through Meghan's whole wardrobe which was super fun since she has zillions of cute clothes. She even let me borrow some for the summer! I got to take Hawkes home with me to play with while she went to work. We got to eat some cafe rio which I always crave & visit my Grandma Potter. I know she wont be here much longer so I try to visit her every chance I get. We were glad she was awake & really talkative. She was watching Shirley Temple & oh how I adore her. She actually always reminds me of Ella Lou since I used to watch it at her house when I was little. My Ella lou is as sweet as the candy she loves :) I love her so & will be sad when she is not around to break out in song at the most surprising moments :)
I got to play with Hawkes again as he came with me on some errands with my mother in law Sandy. We got Jeremy some much needed new garments, & some books off my summer reading list. I need to post a couple book reviews as I am really behind. Well that basically sums up my trip. I just love to spend time with my family & can't wait to travel around to visit everyone this summer!

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